Our Mission

We are proud to be a company in today’s energy conservation and savings industry. Our goal is to provide the best services to each customer while delivering the best possible energy savings options.

Our services to business and private

Outdoor Lighting Services

Our specialists will assist to realize the projects for Mapping light, Street light, Garden light and Street light.

We deliver the equipment, coordinate subcontractors and consultants, follow up on the time schedule and cost control and care of all details. As well the technical logistics of a well-engineering system are on the good level.

Development and Simulation

Our company assists the client to structure the whole project. This includes designing, planning of how the project will be developed and elaborating.

As well we are making the lighting simulation including design process and project analysis that allows to estimate the possible risks and to make the solution visible. Our specialists provide the accurate and reliable data through simulation techniques.

Consulting Services

Our experience and knowledge's give us the ability to assist our clients in every step of the development and project realization.

The qualified specialists will explain the positive effects from LED lighting and systems optimization. They will clarify the goals of the project, design and construct the most appropriate system, and assist to implement a successful project.

Maintenance and Support

Our specialists provide the assistance in the operation and maintenance. During the implementation and primary acceptance the equipment is testing.

Guarantee performance tests to validate the construction integrity and confirm that the facilities are delivered in a safe, reliable and operational condition for a complete customer satisfaction are made, too.

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